Jasmine Asian Bistro

Due to the retirement of the owner, we are open until December 30, 2022. Thank you for your 15 years of support and love for our restaurant. Happy New Year to All.

Free Delivery (Min.$30)
  • galga*****@yahoo.com posted at 12/6/2021
    Just picked up my order. So frustrated and upset!! Was given the WRONG sushi order.  I worked 14 hrs and just wanted some sushi. Got all the way home and then saw they made the wrong sushi roll!   
    I called 3 times nobody picked up the phone! 
    Please contact me asap because I'm bringing the sushi back after work tonight to get my money back
    Thank you!
  • neec*****@yahoo.com posted at 7/14/2021
    My order wasn’t ready. Please don’t charge my card
  • corne*****@aol.com posted at 6/5/2021
    Ordered crispy honey sesame chicken . Usually looks tan in color and is crispy and amazing . Last night it was dark in color , soggy and looked like something different . Tasted terrible and in the trash it went . Crabmeat wonton , over fried and tasted old . Not sure what’s going on but total waste of money . 
  • elisabet*********@gmail.com posted at 3/31/2021
    I ordered two soups and only received  one, are you able to credit me for soup or deliver ? Thank you , 
  • jillbr*******@aol.com posted at 8/18/2020
    I don't know what went wrong last night.  Jasmine is usually so good.  Called at 7 p.m.  and was still waiting at 7:40 p.m. Gave me the wrong entree.  Kung Pao chicken packed with mushrooms and not a single peanut.  Went back at 9 p.m. to exchange for chicken with stringbeans.  Packed with carrots?  Why?  Just why?  So awful last night.  Giving the benefit of the doubt.  Everyone has an off night but this was expensive and I won't be back anytime soon.
  • aunt*****@comcast.net posted at 8/12/2020
    Have been going to Jasmine at Quarry Lake since it opened and never had a bad meal. Serivce was prompt and polite. Gratefull that they are open during the Pandemic and offering delivery service to those of us who cannot go out. Brave Jasmin for caring about your customers.
  • arunc******@gmail.com posted at 3/24/2018
    Nasty place, asked more more tip in a very RUDE way. Gave us Sushi that did not look fresh. Will never go again.
  • kame*****@yahoo.com posted at 12/6/2015
    My daughter and three of her friends (high school juniors and seniors) ate lunch there today.  The girls left an 8 tip and the server demanded they leave a 15 tip and would not let them leave until they did.  Being polite and non-confrontational young ladies, the girls complied.  How dare this woman, Sue, take advantage of these teenage girls!  They, nor we, will ever eat there again.  After reading the comments below, this seems to be par for the course for Jasmine.  Lesson learned.
  • sda****@thamd.com posted at 4/11/2015
    I work at the Quarry and frequent Jasmine's  regularly for lunch and dinner. My daughter is vegan and can always find  a variety of suitable offerings. They know us well there and we are always cheerfully greeted. If I go in by myself I am asked about my children . Sue and JC are the sweetest most attentive and accommodating ladies you could ever have wait on you. It is always a pleasure  to see them. We love Jasmine's food, staff, environment and location. We have yet to be disappointed!!
  • tbo****@jhu.edu posted at 1/16/2015
    I love this place.  Me and my co-workers enjoy dining at this restaurant because they have all of the amenities that makes the trip worth while.  The service is excellent, the food is fresh and good, the space is well maintained and the atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant.
  • jdra****@hotmail.com posted at 12/25/2014
    As an agnostic who doesn't care for Christmas, thank you for being open. Sure, I put my order in online and it didn't make it through when I came to pick up....ish happens. But it's fricking Christmas Day. I had no food in my house because it was a horror show trying to get into any grocery store the last two days. If it weren't for you, I could have been eating almond butter on a spoon for dinner. So again, thank you for quickly rectifying the situation and placing my order on the spot. A 30 minute wait on Christmas Day is nothing. I've waited in line for waffles in Fells Point three times that, and it wasn't a holiday...as far as I'm concerned, you guys rock. Namaste.
  • michele*******@comcast.net posted at 12/8/2014
    We ordered takeout for four--everything was very good, and we'll definitely order again. One suggestion: The meat of the "Crispy Duck" tasted fine, but the coating had dissolved into a sodden mess since it had been packaged with the sauce. For takeout, it would be nice if the duck was wrapped separately to retain the intended texture.
  • tiny.de*******@gmail.com posted at 6/4/2014
    We always ordered take out and it is always satisfying. However, I decided to dine in with a friend today and we were given subpar service. I tipped appropriately but as we were leaving, our waitress cornered us and demanded we write her a better tip and would not leave until we put cash on the table. When we attempted to contact the manager, she dismissed us. We will not be back.
  • suz****@hotmail.com posted at 3/22/2014
    The food is good and it's close to home so I've been there a lot, but I always have to overlook the rude people who work there. I often carry out and get a few of the same things each time, and they make comments about me getting the same thing. The last time I was there I was accused of placing an order and never picking it up. Turned out it was someone with a different phone number. No apologies for the mistake - nothing. Not worth it anymore because clearly they don't want my money. Planning to tell everyone I know to avoid this place.
  • harlan.*******@yahoo.com posted at 12/25/2013
    I'm not going to bring my friends to a movie and promise the theater manager that they will sit there with their eyes closed so they don't have to pay for the seat in the theater. Jasmine's has FANTASTIC food, excellent customer service and is high on my list of recommendations to all my friends.
  • docva*****@hotmail.com posted at 8/3/2013
    Asked to leave because 2 in your party weren't eating. Very rude. Thanks for posting. I was planning a visit. Won't bother now.
  • jnsunsh*******@yahoo.com posted at 8/3/2013
    Four of us went for dinner, everyone ordered drinks but only two people were hungry.  They said we had to leave if we all weren't eating, claiming a $10/pp minimum food order.  Nasty people.  Will never go there again.  
  • camera******@gmail.com posted at 6/17/2013
    I've had lunch at Jasmine probably 10 times.  I cant wait to go back.  Going to go there for my birthday this week.  Lunch is CHEAP.  I have the Thai stuff and the Tom Yum soup.  It's excellent. Professional waitstaff.   It's not downtown, so there's free, safe, and ample parking.  
  • lu**@hotmail.com posted at 8/29/2012
    We went to the Jasmine next to the Giant. My children love this place. The food is good. The waitress is very friendly and funny. We will be back.
  • da**@yahoo.com posted at 7/5/2012
    Everyone that works there is so nasty. We had our waitress complain that we didn't leave aBig enough tip. Absolutely ridiculous service. Avoid this place at all costs!